What You Should Know

As an alternative method of converting home movie films a new type of domestic film scanner has been devised. These are normally advertised as the latest way to transfer film, as opposed to the traditional telecine method. The small picture below shows one of the models. We suggest you look on YouTube for examples of image quality and other models.

Scanner 4

Many such scanners are available on-line and you can find them on Ebay, Amazon, Ali-Baba etc. You can buy one for under $500.00 in the US and this has brought a new influx of dubious traders into the industry. In some towns there seems to be more companies offering digital transfers than there are coffee shops. But you can hire one from us for as liittle as $50.00 per day.

If your films are important they should not be converted on a domestic scannner. These units produce unstable images, poor colour and low-resolution. However, they can be useful for evaluating 8mm home movies or transferring old film that is to be watched on a small laptop or mobile phone.

A Professional Film Scanner is often refered to as a Telecine Machine and is used to convert the films you now see on television. They will convert the images "frame by frame" without the aid of any claw or driving sprockets. Special rollers will clean and smooth the film prior to transfer and each machine will be fitted with custom built optics to produce high-resolution images. In most cases the pictures will look far superior to the original material. A professional machine will also be able to re-produce audio and help restore damaged film.  As part of our service we will convert a FREE sample of YOUR  film.


Whilst we do not use domestic scanners for our conversion service, we do have have them available for sale or hire.

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