Professional Film / Tape Conversion

16mm, Super 8, Standard / Reg 8 or 9.5mm Film

Sound or Silent / Optical & Magnetic

We scan your film with The MWA Flashscan or FilmFabriek HDS professional film transfer machines. Watch the video demo on the home page.

These fabulous machines are used by film archives throughout the world, including New Zealand. This is because the gentle transportation of fragile film makes them ideal for the transfer valuable material.

The high-resolution images are perfect for archiving and restoring film that may be well past its projection days. Unlike many of the cheaper film scanners, or toys that are sold on Ebay and used by our competitors. The images on our machines are sharp, rock steady and stay in focus from corner to corner. The colour on film can be corrected and audio can be reproduced in mono, stereo or linked to a separate tape.

To make the service cost effective to our clients the rate is charged by the hour or part of. So if you have a number of reels it is far cheaper to have them joined together. This not only saves you a great deal of money, but provides a more effective method if you are going to edit you film on computer.

Slides, Photos and Negatives

$1.50 per item – Minimum charge $60.00

Professional Video conversion

 $35.00 per tape 

VHS – VHS/C - S/ VHS – Hi8 – Video 8 – Mini-DV – Digital 8 - Beta SP.  Digi-Beta - U/Matic - Betacam - Lazerdisc.


Reel to Reel  - $45.00 per track side.   Cassettes  -  $45.00 each


All rates are plus gst.



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