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Digi-Beta, Beta SP, Beta SX, Betamax, U/Matic,Digital 8, Mini-DV, DV-Cam, VHS, S-VHS, Hi8 & Laserdisc.

Professional conversions are transferred using the most up-to-date machines available and interfaced with a Teranex HD video processor, in order to provide high quality images from analogue video tapes.


Domestic Format Conversions

VHS, VHS/C, Video-8, Hi8, Digital-8

Mini-DV & S/VHS 

It could be a wise decision to have your old video-tapes converted, so that future generations will be able to enjoy them. The penalty for doing nothing is to risk losing them forever. Magnetic tape is very frail and has a very short life span.

Tapes can be converted to a digital drive, usb stick or a DVD. A usb is the most versatile, as it also enables you to edit the content using a computer. A DVD is normally considered a final copy.

As with our professional service all conversions are transferred using well maintained high-grade machines in order  to provide superior images.

Our flat rate for the conversion for any domestic videotape is $35.00.


Convert Tapes From USA.

We can also convert VHS, Hi8, Video-8 and Mini-DV tapes that have been recorded in the NTSC (USA) format and old Betamax tapes. Plus can convert your old audio tapes from either reel to reel or cassette recordings. Please enquire for a quote.


Saving Money - D.I.Y Option

Hire a Panasonic, LG or Samsung VHS to DVD Convertor

If you have a number of old VHS videotapes and are working on a budget. We offer for hire a VHS to DVD recorder. This is a small unit that will enable you to transfer your old VHS tapes direct to a recordable DVD. A great way to save all those old tapes you have sitting in a box. It is easy to use and comes with full instructions. You must use DVD-R recordable discs, which we can supply at extra cost. Please note: You cannot copy commercial films with these units as they are fitted Macrovision protection.

For this service we charge $50.00 for two days or a weekend. 


Call for further information- 03 327 2784