Film Transfer

Your films are very important, in many cases irreplaceable, therefore it to not use them on domestic equipment as this can cause irreversible damage.

We use professional film scanners often referred to as telecine machines to convert the vintage films you may now see displayed on modern television documentaries. These will scan the images without the intermittent or claw movements as found on projectors or cheaply purchased film scanning machines.

Special rollers will clean and smooth the film prior to transfer and each machine is fitted with custom-built optics to produce high-resolution images. In most cases, the images will look far superior to the original material. A professional machine will also be able to re-produce stereo audio and help restore the damaged film.

We use two different machines and can convert any format of film, sound or silent, the diagrams below are to help you identify the formats of film you have.

Our professional film scanners are built by FilmFabriek in the Netherlands (HDS+ machine shown in the video panel) and MWA in Germany.

Larry Jamieson

Film Formats

There are a variety of different film formats, regular 8mm, super 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm. The various film formats can be recognised by looking at the sprocket holes on the film.

Film Format